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NextJS & Strapi for Static Site Generation

I’ve been motivated to move some of my side projects and blogs off of WordPress. It’s a great platform but I don’t like to see hundreds of attempts to hack my sites in my logs. So far, none have succeeded, but I resent having to block IPs from bots to […]

Latest Project: Carlson’s Coders

COVID drove the UC Berkeley Coding Boot Camp online in early 2020. Sadly, it seems as though there are no plans to resume in-person classes. I say “Sadly” because I really enjoyed the in-person experience. It’s SO MUCH EASIER to teach real people than little black rectangles on Zoom. You […]

Nasty NPM Error

Looks like somebody broke something! Somewhere between Node v18 and Webpack 5, this little error started appearing: ‘digital envelope routines::initialization error’ Fortunately, I found a pretty simple workaround: In your package.json file, add this prefix to the scripts that break: export NODE_OPTIONS=–openssl-legacy-provider For example, instead of just start-storybook -p 6006, […]

My New Hobby

My younger daughter, Gemma, mentioned during lockdown last year that she wanted to learn to play the guitar. That inspired me to get my old bass guitar out of storage and relearn how to play. You can see my progress here.