Want To Become A Professional Software Engineer?

Here’s reality. (Data from the 2016 Stack Overflow survey of 56,033 coders):

  • Mentorship programs have a stronger correlation with higher pay than a university degree
  • There is less than 1% difference in pay between masters degree holders and bootcamp graduates
  • 69% of working software developers are self-taught
  • 43% cite on-the-job training as their primary learning resource
  • 25% used online courses
  • Only 19% have a masters degree related to CS
  • Only 8.5% have a B.A. in CS
  • 6.5% graduated from a Bootcamp (this number is growing fast)

The best way to become a professional software engineer is to start engineering software.  Make a web app.  Don’t know how?  Start with a google search “Learn to make a web app” and see where that takes you.

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