UI Architect, Full Stack Web Developer – San Francisco, CA
UI Architect, Full Stack Web Developer – San Francisco, CA

Are we getting close to having a React CLI?

The kind folks at Facebook just announced a way to boilerplate a React.js app:


They readily admit there have been several attempts to do this by others, most failing to gain traction.  However, they also admit that Ember-CLI impressively ramps up development within that framework.

After only a few minutes trying it out, it’s pretty impressive.  So far, it does NOT offer:

  • CSS pre-processor support
  • Built-in testing tools
  • Server rendering

But it does offer:

  • Webpack, Babel, ESLint, and Autoprefixer support
  • Hot reloading of JSX
  • One dependency
  • Build script for bundling and optimizing for best performance
  • Zero configuration

I’m looking forward to playing with it more and watching it develop into a real time saver.

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