UI Architect, Full Stack Web Developer – San Francisco, CA
UI Architect, Full Stack Web Developer – San Francisco, CA

WalmartLabs open sources their React scaffolding code


Just a few months after Facebook announced their “Create-React-App” project, WalmartLabs has opened sourced the application platform that runs Walmart.com, Electrode.  So far, it looks like a feature-rich, rapid React development framework, much like Facebook’s project.

Both of these projects solve a real problem.  With a single and simple line of text at the command prompt, the developer has a file structure, web server, and a place to start coding.

Electrode promises to ease the process of writing isomorphic React and certainly has a long list of features, much longer than Facebook’s rapid app starter.  They even boast of built-in tools for profiling and interacting with your react components.

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