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WalmartLabs open sources their React scaffolding code

Just a few months after Facebook announced their “Create-React-App” project, WalmartLabs has opened sourced the application platform that runs, Electrode.  So far, it looks like a feature-rich, rapid React development framework, much like Facebook’s project. Both of these projects solve a real problem.  With a single and simple line […]

New Javascript ForEach iterator

Have to start getting used to some iterator syntax.  Here’s how we USED to do it: for (let color in colors) { let colorObj = {}; colorObj.code = colors[color].colorPrdId; = colors[color].colorName; colorObj.imgSwatch = colors[color].imgSwatch; collection.push(colorObj); } Here’s the new way to code the same thing: colors.forEach(function (color) { collection.push({ code: […]

Goodbye Adobe FLASH

I still remember the awe I felt visiting sites built with Flash. It’s still hard for me to come to grips with the fact that it’s over. Each site was animated, dynamic, and *gasp* cross-browser compatible! When iOS announced they would not be supporting Flash sites, I was stunned. Why […]

Ngrok Rocks!

Recently had a need to debug a site on an iOS device.  But the site was only accessible through the company’s VPN.  How do you do that?  Well, you could log into the company’s VPN by downloading a VPN app and configuring it.  But why go through that hassle when […]